Inner Flow – Healing Yoga

Inner Flow is a yoga style created by Kirsi, it has its roots in Kundalini Yoga, which is one the oldest yoga-traditions in the world. Kirsi taught traditional Kundalini Yoga over 4 years in her own yoga studio, but in 2021 she was guided to deepen her approach and start to teach in more intuitive way – Inner Flow was born.

Inner Flow has all the four elements in it; Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The class starts with connecting with the Earth and grounding your bodymind. Then we move up to the element of water and do nice flowing exercises that especially warms up your spine. This is really important, since your spine is a key to your wellbeing, both in physical and spiritual plane.

Next we connect with our own power, the inner fire inside us. To awaken the inner flame we do exercises that empower you and makes you physically strong.

We finish up with the element of air, which means breathing exercises and a mantra meditation. The element of Air connects us with our voice which holds our potential and healing power. The class ends with a long relaxation.


In-person Inner Flow classes in Höör (Sweden) coming up in Autumn 2024.

Inner Flow classes (75min) ONLINE every Tuesday at 7:00PM CET (Sweden time), 10€ per class. Book your place beforehand


“This yoga has led me exercise by exercise closer to my innermost self, my own soul. As a result, I have gained a lot of courage to be myself in every situation. I also feel happy that my physicality has strengthened, and I have learned to trust my body’s messages.”

“Previous yoga experiments have ended quickly, when I felt that I could not bend to the asanas, let alone be able to connect them with breathing. From the very first class with Kirsi, I felt that I had finally found a yoga that suits me, where you don’t have to force yourself to do anything. Kirsi’s way of directing is clear and gentle. You can do the exercises easily with your eyes closed and concentrating when Kirsi’s guidance is present. After the class, you feel relaxed and empowered at the same time.”

“For many years, I have longed for some kind of deeper, more spiritual yoga in my life, and I finally found it in Kirsi’s intuitive kundalini yoga classes! It’s downright mysterious how these yoga classes support my own journey, and how the themes match with my own processes. My healing journey has indeed got a lot of support and healing through these physical and mental exercises.”

”I see you as a pioneer to teach new kind of kundalini yoga and awaken new kind of thinking. This will rise everyone’s vibration.”
”An amazing experience. The yoga exercises were calming but empowering at the same time. The meditations were beautiful and deep. It simply felt so good. I loved the atmosphere that you created. There was such a unique feeling of freedom and acceptance.”
”I am very grateful that I got to participate to this. My mind could finally calm down, the program was excellent. Mantras helped me to let go of the thoughts in my head.”
“The yoga teacher is great, down-to-earth, and has beautiful energy.”