The Sophia Circle Journey® 

– A journey towards Self-Love and Trust

Remember who you are by activating the sacred transmission within you

It was in the beginning of year 2021 when I first heard about this magical book called The Sophia Code, channeled by Kaia Ra. I still remember when I heard my mentor reading the sacred text out loud; I got full body chills. I knew that I had to get this book and so I did. This book is not just any book, it is a sacred transmission, a living transmission brought us by Ascended Masters, such as Isis and Hathor. When you read the book out loud you activate the divine genome, the crystal chromosomes within you, and you connect with your divinity in a whole new level. 

I made an introduction video for you, watch it HERE

This book and its ancient wisdom teachings are activating you beyond your daily understanding – this is a journey of surrendering your ego-mind to your Higher Self, who knows everything there is to know about your life, about your sacred soul purpose in this lifetime. The Sophia Code will activate your soul-memory from all of your previous life-times so that you can finally remember who you are and start to live your life I your own authentic way.

The Sophia Code is all about igniting your true sovereign being, Universe/God/Great Spirit wants you to be FREE. Every name of God is welcome in this container – it doesn’t matter what you call her/him/it. You might as well call it LOVE. Sophia is the Source, the source of everything that exists in Universe. You are being called to activate your divinity, you are being called to live your life as you are, showing your true nature. You are being called to embody your Higher Self and lead humanity with love. 

When you embark on this journey, you will become free, sovereign human being, who is embodying her Higher Self with grace. Your participation will give you more confidence and helps you to speak your authentic truth. You’ll learn to love ALL of you and forgive yourself and others. The best part is that Sophia Code starts to activate your Soul Purpose and you’ll finally remember WHO YOU ARE and why you came here. The sacred transmissions will also activate the relationship between you and your inner child, who holds all the keys to your abundant and happy life. She is your power source. 

This journey is like no other; with the help and 24/7 support of the Ascended Masters, you will start to TRUST yourself and your purpose. You are never alone again. You are being held by these amazing Rockstars who once walked on this same planet Earth as you do now: Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and fierce Sophia Dragons. 

What makes these Ascended Masters so special and badass? Because they were courageous, they did and taught things that were way ahead of their time. They took risks and chose to be seen. They led humanity towards freedom, but there is still some work to do, and that’s where you step into this scene. We need you! We need more Lightworkers on this planet. And when I say Lightworker, it doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur/healer/coach. It simply means that you recognize the word ‘Lightworker’ in your heart. If you are reading this, you are in the right place, they are saying to me now. They have been waiting for you. And they are eager to mentor you on your path, they want you to be a Master yourself as well. You’ll learn how to have a direct mentorship with them, to have an open HEART. <3 All this will happen in your EVERYDAY LIFE. 

“Daily life is now your modern mystery school activating your highest potential in every present moment. With your conscious daily choice to mentor with our Ascended Master High Council, we prepare and activate your awareness to become a wayshower for others in birthing this next Golden Age of Miracles.” 

-The Sophia Code, p.47

The Sophia Code has given me so much, that it’s indescribable. I simply cannot put it in words. However, if there would be one thing I had to put my finger on, it would be learning to surrender and trust the divine plan of my Soul. 

“To explore the unknowable, bow to the Universe within you and confess that you know nothing. Surrender your need to control what you understand about Sophia as a primordial Holy Mother of grace. Lay down your need to feel safe through limited earthbound logic and linear thinking.” -The Sophia Code, p. 50

The next Sophia Circle Journey® (online) begins on Sunday 25th August 2024 at 6:00pm Central Europe Time. We will gather every second Sunday for 13 times via Zoom. The investment for this crystalline journey is 222€ and there are payment plans if needed. We will dedicate each circle for one chapter of The Sophia Code. Our meetings will include meditation, prayer, Higher Self journaling and discussion – with the Ascended Masters of course. 

Book yourself a Clarity Call HERE and let’s get you on board with this unforgetable journey. <3 If you don’t find any suitable time, please contact me at and we’ll find another time.

Beautiful Testimonials from earlier Journeys:

“It’s so hard to put the experience of the journey like Sophia Circle into words…! It’s a deep journey to yourself and to the world of Ascended Masters, I really feel like I have a strong connection to each of the Ascended Masters now and they have become really dear to me – and important helpers on my spiritual path. During the whole journey of Sophia Circle meetings I’ve felt myself stepping into my power more and more each time we’ve met. And after each gathering I’ve felt that I know myself better than I did before. And the group energy was something really special! I loved this journey and I’d do it again any day, thank you Kirsi for guiding me to know myself and the Ascended Masters better!” -Suvi

“The Sophia Circle Journey with Kirsi Englund was precisely a journey, and a very healing and deep one. Each session helped me to both seek and receive answers through prayer. It was a valuable investment in my development that gave me tangible results and challenges that brought me to a higher level of both happiness and abundance. My life was almost a script I was reading in the Sophia Code as we approached a new chapter every second week. I highly recommend you join the journey!” -Elisabeth

“Divine Mother of All Life,

Take me to that place

Deep within your womb

Where I can know no-thing

And be reborn anew.”

-The Sophia Code, p.2