Reiki Level I:


Have you ever felt drawn into the energetic space of healing? Maybe you have been interested in different kinds of healing modalities and are wanting to dive deeper? I have a great honor to educate more Reiki -healers to this planet, maybe you are soon one of them?

The “father of Reiki” Mikao Usui wrote this in 1922:

”Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organisation. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all of humanity.”

This quote is very accurate when it comes to Reiki and its characteristics; Reiki is Universal energy, that no one or no-thing can ever poses. It is also important to realize that EVERYONE can utilize from Reiki and use it as a healing tool, every one of us is born with a natural gift of healing. This natural skill often is forgotten as we grow and start to believe our own limiting beliefs. We don’t believe that we possibly could heal ourselves not speaking about healing others.

When you activate the divine power of Reiki within you, (through initiation in Reiki I level training), it is like coming back home to yourself, finding that connection again. Reiki is divine energy that passes everything, and it can never do harm to anyone, because Reiki always comes from the Source, from the divine well of pure unconditional Love.

Just like everything in this world is energy, we as humans are also energy; we are built from energy and then there is energy that flows through us. This life force energy that flows through us is called Prana in India, Chi in China and Ki in Japan. Energy is all the time changing, flowing movement; energy is never still, or at least it is not meant to be still. Energy is meant to flow, just like water. If water stands still in a glass for days, it sure doesn’t taste so good anymore. 

Feelings are also energy, so one should always let feelings move as well, meaning: feelings are meant to be felt. If you set your feelings aside, you keep them in and don’t want to feel them, they stay inside your body and create stuck energy. And when this stuck energy is hold in, and can’t move, eventually it will create energy-blocks, unbalances of the physical body and diseases, like flus, stress, and different ailments.


To whomever who feels the call! You don’t have to know anything. Maybe you want to learn how to heal yourself and possible your family members as well. This course even gives you a chance to give Reiki healing to your clients, and you can make a profession of it.


You will learn about the energetics and how energy circulates in your body. We go through the chakras (energy centers) and the structure of giving a Reiki healing from beginning to end. You will also have time for hands-on practice, and the most wonderful part is that you will receive healing by yourself as well.  And of course, you will receive your first attunement.

The investment for this beautiful day is 197€ and it includes a comprehensive manual, lunch and of course you will get to know people who are on the same page as you! You will also receive a certificate.

There is place only for 4 people, so book your place fast via email

And let me know if you have any questions at all, I would be happy to help you on your healing journey.